Current Counselors


Olu Abney

Bonjou! My name is Olu Abney. For the past 4 years I’ve served as a remedial reading teacher to students with learning and emotional disabilities in Philadelphia, PA. I’m from Brooklyn, NY, so I’ve grown up around Haitian culture. I’m excited to be working with some of the most magnificent people in the world. I visited Haiti for the first time this February and I’m ready to be back! I’m thrilled to teach and I’m eager to learn.


Jessica Descartes

Bonjou! My name is Jessica Descartes and I work with Ms. Shaina at TechBoston Academy. Being second-time volunteer last summer, it was an easy decision for me to come back for summer of 2017. I am looking forward to seeing all of the familiar faces and excited to meet new ones as well. I’m also excited to get back to the learning, the fun and the adventure that is ETE Camp. It continues to be a rewarding experience.



Zari Havercome

Zari Havercome is a recent graduate of Brandeis University and is working towards the field of Global Health.  This is her third experience with ETE camp and she excited to remain a part of the program.  She believes in and endorses all opportunities to promote youth and provide them with the environment to make them into what they want to be.  Paying it forward is an important concept to her and participating in opportunities such as ETE Camp are extremely special to her.  Following her participation this summer, Zari will begin working for City Year, Brooklyn.


Geraldine Bogard

My name is Geraldine Bogard and I was born in Port-Au-Prince Haiti. My freshman year, I attended Christophe High School in Port-au-Prince Haiti before I was moved to the United States at 15 years old. I continued my schooling in the United States – during this time, I played soccer, ran track and founded an academic club (TBA Club Of Youth Leaders). I also worked with the Association of Haitian Women in Boston and was a change agent for the Mayors Youth Council. I currently attend Brandeis University.



John (Amen) Clark
Hello, My name is John (Amen) and I am excited for the opportunity to engage with the Hinche community. Having recently graduated from college, I am hoping to share my experience both in and out of school with the Haitian youth. I’m someone who enjoys meeting new people and creating positive impressions with those I interact with.
-Peace and Blessings
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