July 21st – Thursday


Morning programming went smoothly as usual. Students put final touches on their kites and bridges, while they began work on their final presentations for English class (a booklet filled with vocabulary and pictures). They also had the opportunity to practice the ETE Camp songs in leadership class, which will serve them well during the parade on Tuesday.

After lunch, gaz kole! (pedal to the metal)! We had invited the afternoon students to join us at 1pm during the morning recreation time, so that we can play our soccer game without interruption from the rain.

The students left the cafeteria super excited, already singing and pumping themselves up for a win against the “big kids”, only to be met by 2 students in blue t shirts. By the time we began, we had the 6 players needed plus a few observers from the alum. The morning students were there full force, with chants and songs to taunt the afternoon students with.
“We’re not scared, you should be scared!”
“Old people play dominoes, not soccer1”
– in Creole of course

Before long, the alumni group numbers swelled and there were almost as many of them as out 60 student morning cohort. The morning still brought all the power and all the energy.

Despite their dedication to the game, they lost 3-2, but amazingly weren’t disheartened by it all. Before we too a mega class picture, they began singing chants that unified the groups, the the alum left beaming, knowing they would keep their title.



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