July 20th – Wednesday

Another successful day at camp..
Blue group stood out during leadership class where they were tasked with leading the class themselves in mini groups. Each group within Blue group was well prepared and had lesson plans ready. They taught about community, communication, and leadership. They even gave oral exams to test what they’ve learned.

Kite building is underway in Math class where students are using twigs, string and tissue paper to create them in unique geometric shapes. Those already proficient in kite building, are eager to show off their talent.

The day wrapped up with some serious rounds of BINGO. You haven’t played BINGO until you’ve played at ETE Camp. The students get super competitive, trying to clear their board first. It becomes a great practicing tool to see how much they remember the alphabet and numbers.

Student Spotlight: Louvensky

During BINGO, I sat with Louvensky who happened to be on the last bench by himself. He loves to fidget and get off task, so I took the time to refocus his energy into the game. I challenged him to tell me, in Creole, the number that was being announced in English, instead of peeking at the board where they were being recorded. He wanted to peek every time, but toward the end he tried hard to recite the English from memory. Louvensky brings a lot of energy into all that he does, which is much appreciated.


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