July 19th – Tuesday

Spirits were high this morning as this afternoon, we were hosting the long awaited morning vs. afternoon soccer game.

In engineering we began working on the bridge building project with an added twist. The students are given an imaginary budget of $100 to spend on materials which includes: copy paper, construction paper, index cards, glue and tape. It took students some time to grasp the concept of budgeting (they thought we had to use real money!) and going into debt. They were eager, nonetheless, to begin brainstorming and sketching their economical bridges.

We ended camp early to prepare for the big game at 3pm. At 2:30pm, storm clouds began forming and by 2:45pm it was pouring rain. Somehow by 3:05pm, the skies were clear and the sun was shining. Though it was clear out, the puddles were impossible to ignore. We were also missing many students due to the weather, namely alumni students. The game had to be rescheduled for Thursday.

That was fine with the older students but the morning crew took it hard. They were determined to play regardless of the condition of the yard. Noticing that there weren’t too many alum who showed up, they even went so far as to claim that the students were afraid of them and that we should just call it a 100-0 game in the morning students favor. It was super difficult to convince them otherwise, but eventually students made their way home. We felt bad for canceling, but it was in their best interest.

As a staff, we got to enjoy dinner on the roof before it began storming again. Definitely a special experience to remember.


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