July 18th – Monday

Phrase of the Day:
What is your name?

This is the first year since 2010 that I came into cam not knowing at least half of the 60 morning students. Early on I decided I would learn every students’ name by day’s end. During attendance, I realized it was a tall order, but I was determined.

In leadership, students put on their skits that touched on subjects such as communication and respectability. It was exciting to see how enthused they were to get their message across.

In English, it was all about reviewing the colors and body parts they learned the weeks before. Head, shoulders, knees and toes is a favorite annually. MJ joined LaShawn in leading that class.

Math class delved into ordinal numbers and, as always, the students were ready to soak up the English vocab.

In Engineering, which I took over with Shaina, we reviewed the “egg drop” project they tested on Friday. Water balloons had been used and the project deemed harder than they thought, as only 1 out of 12 balloons didn’t burst. Students shared what they thought went well with their project, and discussed areas of improvement they would consider for next time. I took advantage of the last few minutes of class to play a name game. I was certain I had 80% of the names down by the end of the day. I felt accomplished 🙂

Afternoon session time came and I was ready to see all the familiar faces I have known since 2010. They were surprised to see me, and I them, as so many of them have grown and matured greatly since I’ve last seen them. We had our generator going and screened the skits. They were all extremely creative, as they shared various concepts they have learned from ETE Camp throughout the years.
One group in particular chose to tell the story of the founding of ETE Camp with students playing our very own Ms. Shaina, Mr. Gilbert, Mr. Paul and even I was featured!

Today was a great taste of what’s to come.


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