July 15, 2016 – Friday

Friday was the last day of camp for myself, Joe, Zari and Jess PF.  And what a day it was…

After classes, Joe and I led the water balloon challenge and my, what a frenzy. For each team, after the kids yelled the countdown, 3, 2, 1, each contraption landed with a THUD and Joe and I would peer over to see if the balloon had burst.  Some kids were jumping, some were praying, some couldn’t bear to look!  So much tension in the air, yet so much excitement.  We were able to declare a winner, the group Les Grands Capitaines, who took home the crown and their own set of water balloons.

The students then made our day by presenting us with beautiful posters, collages, of notes and pictures that they had created for us.  When they started singing their Goodbye and Thank you songs, the tears started to flow from both students and counselors.  So much love and appreciation shown.  We were all heartbroken; however, consoled one another and encouraged the kids to continue on with their learning and continue being the best leaders that they can be.

What a fabulous two weeks it has been!  So much more learning and fun for the children of Hinche and again, I’m so happy that I was able to come back for a second year.  The students enjoy education and are not afraid to give their very best! They continue to inspire me with their openness and willingness to learn and I am forever grateful for this experience.  Again, a big thank you Shaina for allowing me to be a part of this journey with her and the ETE Camp family!  While my time blogging is now complete, I hope that you continue to check in as the camp continues on for two more weeks 🙂

Take care!

–Jess D.

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