July 14, 2016 – Thursday

Happy Thursday!

In engineering, the students presented the water balloon contraptions to the class and completed a Gallery Walk, reviewing the other groups’ projects.  They learned quickly that they are able to gather ideas from other projects.  We stressed a lot of groupwork in our class as we wanted the kids to understand that at times, two heads are better than one!

A new special project in the English class – Zari taught the students how create wallets made out of patterned, colorful duct tape.  The students loved the project and are excited to complete and take home their own personalized wallet.

And the absolute highlight of camp today.

We play a camp-wide game today similar to Mr. Cleary’s (TBA) Camp Wing Egg Drop Challenge.  We randomly selected four students from each group to form a square.  Instead of an egg, each group received a water balloon (courtesy of the engineering challenge this week!) and the water balloon had to be passed around the square without breaking.  After each rotation, the kids took a step back and began the rotation again.  The more steps backward, the harder the challenge.  The students LOVED it.  Started cheering for their groups, cheering against other teams.  The look of horror on their faces as the squares increased in size.  In the end, it was the green team that was best able to hold on to their balloons!

–Jess D.


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