July 12, 2016 – Tuesday

What a very busy day at camp today!

The major highlights – in engineering, the students were placed in their groups and immediately began building their straw contraptions to hold their water balloons.  With only one balloon shattering, each group was able to determine a plan for its structure.  The students will have Wednesday and Thursday to test and complete their structures with Friday being the day for the big reveal and camp-wide contest.

In English class, LaShawn led the students in an activity where the students were introduced to adjectives – using specific words to describe themselves.  LaShawn created a list of adjectives for each letter of the alphabet, in both English and Kreyol.  The students then chose an adjective for each letter of their name.  It was so neat for them to pick words that they best identified with and it was a wonderful activity that allowed them to express their self-confidence.

STUDENT SPOTLIGHT: Kada is a new student in ETE camp this year.  She is known for her signature hair beads, but most importantly, she is bright, attentive, and a true leader in camp.  One example of her leadership: we were creating groups and one other student needed a placement.  When we checked with Kada to see if the student could join her group, Kada responded, “oui, moun se moun”, “yes, people are people”.  We are excited to see her blossom during the remaining weeks of camp.

–Jess D.


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