July 11, 2016 – Monday

Happy Monday! Welcome to our second week of ETE Camp 2016.

To start the day, the students were tickled when Shaina pulled up driving the camp van.  Normally, Mr. Gilbert drives the van, so the kids were shocked and impressed that Shaina was able wheel us in.

One of things that we are seeing this week is an increase in responsibilities for the junior counselors.  With Shaina’s guidance, the jr. counselors are leading more camp-wide activities and observing more in classrooms.  This is an excellent experience for them as it prepares them for future leadership within ETE Camp.

In classrooms, students are moving on to new topics.  In engineering, students received their test scores and started their new topic: we will have the students participate in an “egg drop contest”, but using water balloons instead of eggs.  Using straws and tape, the kids will need to use the principles of engineering to build a contraption to hold their water balloon without the balloon breaking.  We’ll see – the kids are already excited to start building, coming up with creative team names and already brainstorming ways to build their contraption.

One of the activities that stood out today occurred during the afternoon session.  Shaina introduced a new project to the kids: creating skits.  The groups were each given three topics: A good leader, respect, and communication.  Each group chose one of the topics and created a storyline based on the topic.  The groups will take a few days to polish their skits, and the final skits will be recorded on Wednesday, for a camp movie night on Thursday.  At first, the kids were reluctant; however, as they gradually warmed to the idea and each group was able to leave with a framework of what its skit will look like.

Overall, good day.

–Jess D.

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