July 8, 2016 – Friday

After a very restful night, we were up bright and early for Friday!

The students brought their very best! Today was very fun as the kids applied their learning this week to Friday activities.  Quizzes and exams were held in both math and engineering.  In English class, they reviewed the days of the week, body parts and began initiating conversations, “Hi, My name is ___________? What is your name?”  In leadership class, students defined community.  One of the definitions that came about was “kominite se moun ki met tet yo ansamn pou yon gol” (a community is a group of people who put their heads together to work on a common goal).  Students are able to think deeply and critically and we are able to push them to try their very best.  We ended camp today with three epic soccer matches, which are always a camp favorite.  Also, a local radio journalist stopped to interview students and counselors about the camp.

JUNIOR COUNSELOR SPOTLIGHT: Dieuliphete (Forgive me, as I’m sure I’ve spelled his name incorrectly in previous posts) is a returning junior counselor who has been with ETE camp for many years!  A true leader, Dieuliphete co-teaches the leadership class with Geraldine and leads the recreation hour.  He also serves as one of the soccer referees during the camp soccer battles, which is much more difficult than one would think.  Dieuliphete is a soft-spoken young leader and very strong-willed.  He has shown that his heart is with ETE Camp and Shaina know that she can always rely on him for support.

Overall, we are extremely pleased with the first week of camp.  As we rest this evening, we are looking forward to our beach trip tomorrow J

I hope you have enjoyed reading the blog and have experienced ETE camp through our words and pictures.  We will continue to post regularly – please feel free to leave comments or ideas you may want to share with us! We are always looking for ways to make the experience even better for the kids.

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