July 7, 2016 – Thursday

“Where’s my red group at?
“Where’s my blue group at?
“Where’s my green group at?

Our normal morning routine. After morning exercises led by staff and students, each group screams its color, with the loudest group being able to line up first for breakfast. Makes for a pretty loud morning!

During our teaching period off, we like to stop by other classrooms to see what the students are learning.  Today in English/Literacy, Jess PF, Zari and LaShawn led the students in identifying English words for each letter of the alphabet.

In Leadership class, Geraldine, Dieulifet and their class identified the qualities of a leader: patience, respect, discipline, wisdom and more.  They also led their group in learning the camp songs, with the students copying the lyrics into their notebooks.

In math, Mr. Garry does everything. His chalkboard is covered in everything from basic numbers and basic arithmetic for the new students to profit/revenue/interest for the returning students.  It’s great to see the students retain all of the information.

In engineering today, we had the student apply the principles of engineering to a life situation. Photo below of the situation – see if you can decipher what the  students came up with!

The afternoon session saw 76 returning students, eager to play BINGO. We were able to crown three winners before we ended the afternoon session early due to the rainstorm that was inching its way towards us.

Back home, the rain poured and again, we enjoyed the breeze that came along with it. Earlier, our laundry had been hand washed and placed on the clothesline to dry in the sun. Happy that they were dry before the rain hit!

Can’t believe that it’s already Thursday!

–Jess D.

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