July 3, 2016 – Sunday

Happy Sunday!

After a breakfast of Soup Joumou and some relaxation, we packed the van with supplies and headed to the campsite to prep for our 3pm orientation.  Families were waiting for us in the parking lot – new students, returning students, alumni, all waiting to meet and greet and register for summer camp.

After setting up the registration room, finalizing the paperwork and assigning stations, registration began.  Mr. Gilbert and Shaina took the lead in registering the students who were back for their second year.  After the returners were registered, the lottery opened up for the new students.  In registering students, we looked for balance: number of boys vs. girls, types of education the students have had, age limits, etc.

Each student completed a registration form and was assigned a color group.  Following the assignment, the student headed to a separate room where s/he received a string bag that held his/her camp t-shirts and a notebook.  The last step in the registration process was to take a photo headshot of the student with a name label.  By 5:15pm, with only a few slots saved for returning campers, ETE Camp 2016 was ready to go!

Back at Chez Gilbert, dinner was diri djon djon (mushroom rice) with cashew sauce, salad with fried plantains and my favorite, the “the purple potato salad”.  Like last year, the electricity is inconsistent where it will turn off at random times, often leaving us in sweltering heat.  However, we have learned how to adjust.

We had the back-up generator running for a bit to provide the electricity and we were able to use it until the electricity came back.  We have been fortunate where it has been coming back at night, so we are able to have the fans running while we are asleep.  It has been very hot, so having the fans running at night is a big relief.

Early night for the first day of camp tomorrow.

–Jess D.


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