July 2, 2016 – Saturday

We are back in Hinche for ETE Camp 2016. Eight years going strong!
After an early morning drive from Port au Prince (and stopping in Mirebalais to pick me up!) our group was happy to arrive at the Gilbert home, greeted by our wonderful, returning chefs, Rosena and Monette. They had prepared a breakfast of Haitian spaghetti, eggs, avocadoes and bananas.

Following the meal, we took a tour of the home, which has seen many upgrades since last summer. The storage room is now a full bedroom with master bathroom. The outdoor kitchen is now in its own separate building behind the home, with a second floor for additional storage, and rooftop access to enjoy the breeze and gaze at the stars at night (or other rooftop fun!)

After eating our fill and taking a quick break, it was already time to get to work. We emptied bins full of items that had been donated and/or purchased for camp. We also sorted the camp t-shirts into the familiar camp group colors: red, green and blue. Three former junior counselors, Redgine, Nathalie and Dieulifet stopped by to visit and Nathalie in particular, brought an abundance of energy that we will soon see in the kids throughout the next two to four weeks.

An afternoon walk into the city square saw some fanfare as a high profile event was in place in honor of the Cardinal who was visiting in Hinche. The Cardinal was actually stationed at the school where we will be teaching, so we were able to catch a quick glimpse of him as he boarded a vehicle for departure. A short walk after, we spent some time visiting with Uncle “TonTon” Ricot, who as always, welcomed us with open arms.
Back at Chez Gilbert, it is now thundering and raining; the light breeze that comes with the rain has us calm and relaxed. We will be finishing our day with “fritay”, Head’s Up and prep for Sunday orientation…welcome to ETE Camp.

–Jess D.

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