Jessica – Last Day of Camp – July 17

I’m currently on my flight back home and am stuck on how to write this blog – What can I say that Shaina already hasn’t?

On Friday, the kids came in and gave their best.  In English class, they created stories based on the conversation starters they learned. They wrote them out in English and read them aloud in class.  Precious. After classes, Jeremy and I gave our goodbyes.  I reminded the kids to be good, but most importantly, to keep learning. It was all so memorable: the posters they created, the notes that each student drew….and even after camp, students were st:ill coming up to me with more notes that they had written.  (Don’t cry, Jeska, don’t cry) Then we had the biggest. dance. party. ever.  Hugs, kisses, more hugs.

These kids thirst for learning.  They came in every day, on time, ready to go, which made me so proud to be their teacher.  They proved every day that they wanted to be there, making this camp extra special.   I can’t wait to come back to see our little leaders become big leaders.

While I hope that I have had made an impact in their lives, I don’t think they have realized how much they have impacted me.  I have been so humbled by this experience; both in learning about my own culture and also fulfilling my personal quest for knowledge and learning. A special thank you to Shaina, her dad Gary (Met Gilbert) and the entire ETE Family for a wonderful experience.

Here is a Mixbook of some of my favorite pictures from the trip: Mixbook – Jessica’s Trip to Haiti

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