Shaina: Week 2’s Friday Fun + Student Spotlight- Sagara

Friday was bittersweet. Bitter because it’s Jeremy and Jessica’s last day and the students were really taken by it. It was also incredibly sweet because the ETE Camp kids made sure it was a memorable day. They put their best foot forward in all their classes from creating fantastic stories with problems that involved the aid of an engineer to 58 students hosting some of the best conversations in English any ESL class of 2 weeks could hope for.

That afternoon, the ETE students surprised Jessica and Jeremy with posters that was covered their signatures and fingerprints (using markers, clever but messy :)) They each also created individual letters expressing their gratitude for the awesome time spent, blessing of education, and the encouragement to become the best leaders they can be! After presenting their letters, we sang our hearts out to all of our signature, copyrighted ETE Camp jams. Songs to inspire leadership, confidence, and scholarship. Chery-Neil hit the stage and delivered the best performance singing “I Am A Scholar “, sang to the tune of Destiny Child’s “Survivor”… “I am a Scholar, I’m not ‘gon give up, I’m not ‘gon stop, I’m ‘gon work harder… And I am a Leader, I’m gonna make it, I will succeed, Keep on Succeeding!”

ETE Spotlight:  Sagara

Always aware of what the exact directions are, her aim is to deliver excellence. Although she ensures to stay within guidelines, she uses her intelligence and creativity to produce unique work. Her group’s bridge appeared to look the weakest but it passed all of the weight challenges and tied first place! If it wasn’t for her youth sized ETE Camp shirt, you would have mistaken her for a junior counselor. During a one-to-one conversation, she has agreed to work on her patience to become a better leader… her pet peeve and source of agitation seems to be students who lost focus on their tasks and lose some learning time. But we’ve learned that smiles quickly softens Sagara and her classmates really make her chuckle… Her agitation never lasts. 🙂

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