Jessica – Day Thirteen – July 15

Shaina and I were both up around 3am, just chatting about life, so early morning for us. We fell asleep again and woke up ready to go.

We had a short day at camp today, but always fun. In the morning, we decided who was playing on the soccer team. It was classic, like the NBA draft, lol. Then we presented the team to the camp and they were greeted with cheers! In English class, we started learning about the different parts of the body and clothing. There is a girl named Onaldine, who is so bright. She already knew all of the body parts so she essentially completed her notes and started helping the other kids learn. It was nice to see the other kids listen to her and respect her. Another student, Ewoodson, decided that today, he wanted to be a class clown. He cracked jokes all class and all I could do was laugh. I had to admit he was pretty funny. After all classes were held, I went downstairs for lunch with the kids. It was really was nice to see them prep for their meal; they all sang a song and said a prayer before they ate, like a true community. Following that, we left early to prep for our student vs. alumni soccer game.

And what a game…the students came full throttle. The alumni came in cool, calm and collected. Dieulifet, our junior counselor served as referee. At the first whistle, it was chaos, kicking, running, flying, but the students prevailed as they scored the first goal. So many cheers erupted! So much happiness! However, the alumni would not accept it. Soon after that, they came back, scoring, 1-2, then 3 goals on the students. The students quickly became defeated and upset, trying to blame the referee, LOL. They actually stopped playing and huddled in a corner, threatening to quit the game and blaming Dieulifet. Poor Shaina had to run over with her megaphone to encourage them to keep going. At the end, the alumni won, final score 5-1. It was a great game, but even greater turnout. What a chance for all of the kids, both newbies and alumni to come together for a good time.

In other non-exciting news, they took our laundry today. It was washed by hand and hung on the clothesline to dry. However, it’s thundering now, so Papa Gilbert and Emanye quickly took them down for us. Emanye is great. He pretty much maintains the house, gets us what we need, essentially our go-to for everything.

Speaking of epic competition, Zari and Jeremy have a little feud between them on who will know the most Kreyol before Jeremy and I leave on Saturday. It’s pretty hilarious. Both are good at retaining words but when put on the spot, they both hesitate at times, so it’ll be interesting to see who will prevail. Jeremy loves the rice and beans but struggles to say what it is (diri kole ak pwa). Zari can say it pretty well and throws it in Jeremy’s face whenever she can, ha. However, Zari seems to be threatened by Jeremy at times, as he uses intimidation to place fear in her. Shaina will issue them a final test on Friday. To be continued…

We are now ending the day with a very funny game of Head’s Up.

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