Jessica – Day Fourteen – July 16

Today was a crazy day at camp –

First let’s start quickly at the beginning – the morning kids came in bitter after their loss in soccer.  They were still mad at the referee, Dieulifet, so that they didn’t even want to greet him in the morning. Shaina had to give them the pep talk and knock some sense into them. Then they got over it, lol.

During the recreation time, we tested the bridges that the kids created in engineering class. Each class had been separated into five groups, so we had 15 bridges to test in front of the whole camp.  The anticipation, excitement and fear on these kids’ faces were intense! Each round started with a tub of Lysol wipes – if the bridge could hold the tub, then the bridge survived the first round.  During the second round, the bridge had to hold the tub of wipes, two small bottles of hand sanitizer and the first aid kit.  Each remaining bridge went through the test, with the kids cheering and screaming! One of kids started a chant, “Jack a di pedi” (Simon says LOSE) and all of the kids who want a bridge to collapse would scream it at the top of their lungs. Those who didn’t want their bridge to collapse would start praying.  Each time a bridge collapsed, the kids would cheer in victory.  You would have thought that it was the walls of Jericho coming down, they were so loud.   At the end of the second round only three groups remained, one from each color group.  In order to survive round three, the bridge had to hold the tub of wipes, four small bottles of hand sanitizer, the first aid kit and a bottle of bubbles.  At the end of the final round, two groups tied for first place, one from green and one from red and they were so excited.  Who would have expected so much enthusiasm from such a simple project?

So side note – I just asked the team for confirmation on what exactly happened in each round, and we all have different stories, LOL. So what I wrote may be wrong, but either way, each bridge had to pass a funky test and with each round, the test became harder, ha.  

Following that we came home for a power nap to head right back out for alumni night.  Unfortunately, it started thundering and then a downpour of rain, so the group that Jeremy and I out had outside was soaking wet.  However, it didn’t stop the kids from enjoying a fun game of “Makak nan mitan” (monkey in the middle) and then we did some other ball games.  If we let them, these kids would stay playing in the rain.  After that we sent everyone home.

We just finished our usual “dinner in the dark” since the electricity is still on/off.  This week, the city has been consistent with having the electricity on at night; so at least, we can have a fan on when we sleep. Jeremy brings out a head lamp every night for dinner and puts it on. Who would have thought to bring a head lamp?!  We’re about to turn on the generator to see if we can a) fix the WIFI, b) turn on the projector so we can watch Inception.

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