Jessica – Day Twelve – July 14

coming soon – sorry all, the Internet isn’t cooperating with us this week.

Happy Tuesday (c:

Zari introduced the journaling/Polaroid pictures to the students today and it was a HIT. They absolutely loved getting their pictures taken and understand the concept of journaling. English class, we learned the days of the week and then our colors. In engineering, the students are getting ready to build a bridge out of different materials, so today they worked on the brainstorming, sketched and completed a matrix to see which plan would be best. On Thursday, we will have the big reveal – which group has the strongest bridge. In math, Papa Gilbert is teaching them so much material that I can’t keep up, LOL. Then for recreation, they practiced their soccer.

Our alumni group met tonight – Shaina has a focus group within the alumni group working on a Robotics kit. The first two classes were focused on building the robots with Legos. Today was their first day learning how to program the Robot using the laptop. They went from having the Robot to moving in a square to navigating the Robot to move into different areas. They were able to program and upload the info to the Robot, which got them really excited.

They then practiced for the alumni vs. student soccer match, which from what I hear, will be EPIC. We’ll let you know how that goes, haha.

I needed to participate in an online class tonight so I missed the afternoon festivities. Unfortunately, the internet chose not to cooperate so I kept getting booted out of the class. But oh well, c’est la vie.

This evening, the weather is pretty cool and it’s thundering right now. It has rained consistently this week versus last week, when we all felt like we were melting daily, Wicked Witch of the West style. But with cool, rainy weather, come many mosquito bites. We’ve got mosquitoes for days. They’re evil.

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