Jessica – Day Nine and Ten – July 11 & 12

We’re back!

The weekend was amazing – it was so great to meet family.  They all remembered me, even though I had no idea who they were, LOL.  Once I got there, my aunt took me around, introducing me to people and asking so many questions.  Later that night, there was a huge rainstorm, so we had to stay inside, but again, the rain made the air so cool and refreshing.

On Saturday, I met more family and got to visit a Haitian supermarket (mache), which was SO overwhelming. It was crowded, hot, and such a competition. My aunt walked through it like a champ. Meanwhile, I’m tiptoeing so I don’t step on anyone’s merchandise, lol.  After that, my cousins took me to another city called Saut Deaux where we saw beautiful waterfalls.  I also got to visit a lovely public pool space and we saw what I think they said was the largest hospital in Haiti, University Hospital of Mirebalais.  We got back and after a quick shower, we headed out again for ice cream and a tour of the night life.

The next morning, my aunt took me to church, at 6am. Ouch. 6am-8am was Sunday School then 8am-10am service. It was a LONG morning. At lunch time, I went to another aunt’s house for lunch and then we visited Lascahobas, which is another city and visited another pool.  It was called Oasis and you had to pay to enter, but they also sold beverages and food.  It was very nice. After that, the crew picked me up and we headed back to Hinche.

Overall, the weekend was fabulous.  It wasn’t Jacmel like the others, but it was still very fun.   I now have a new respect for where my family is from – Now when I tell people that our family is from Haiti, it has a completely different meaning for me, and it means more.

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