Shaina: Friday Fun + Student Spotlight – Abelson


I can’t believe the first week of ETE Camp is all ready over! It has been an extremely productive week. In our Engineering Class (Jeremy and myself), we presented the idea that a great engineer has the ability to identify a problem and create a plan for the best possible solution. Throughout the week, we discussed the cycle of the “Principles of Engineering”: (1) Brainstorm, (2) Sketch, (3) Plan, (4) Build, (5) Test, (6) Discuss, & (7) Try Again!

Today’s problem was there was yon ti fi ke te bewzen yon mango men li te nan yon pe bwa wo (a little girl who was walking home and became hungry and discovered a nice juicy mango on a tall tree that she wanted)…. ETE ENGINEERS – How can we help her?! Independently, the students accomplished 1-3 of the Principles of Engineering. They brainstormed ideas like using a slingshot, ladder, or chair. They created sketches for they ideas and compared the ideas via matrix to discover the best idea.

I truly can not wait to witness the ETE youth sitting at the round tables where all the big decisions are made. They know how to organize, plan, delegate, execute a plan, and assess the results. I am excited to see how they apply their leadership skill to help systematically guide their community out of some of their most troublesome issue, both current and historic. I don’t care if they’re only 8, 9, 10, 11 years old now… The potential is as clear as day. I see it in Abelson.


Abel was what we call a drive-through registration. While we were in the van driving home after Sunday’s open house, his mother flagged us down and pleaded his case to be able to join ETE Camp 2015. He came out from house (halfway asleep), and took his camp picture and received his t-shirt, notebook, and ETE bag. Little did we know… this sleepy young boy would be one of the liveliest characters at the camp.

Today, after BINGO, Abel came up to me with his chipped front tooth… smiling… and asked “Ki le nap jwe BINGO anko?” when do we play BINGO again? He never stops short of advocating for himself. Whatever he’s thinking, he shares. “Mwen pa fin konprann?” I don’t fully understand, help please. “Li pa jwen” Can he have one, he didn’t get any. Shortest on the team, Abel is the fastest and most skilled soccer player. I look forward to him leading his team at Wednesday’s Day V. Alumni Group soccer game. I

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