Jessica – Day Seven – July 9

A full week in Haiti in the books! So much left to do and I’ve got only one week left. Last night I let Shaina know that there were a few things that I couldn’t leave Haiti without trying, haha:
1) A REAL Haitian Patty
2) AK100
3) Sugar cane

So today is day four of camp. In English we wrapped up the alphabet and began using those words in conversations. The kids learned the members of the family and began identifying the number of family members they have.
“Mamie, how many brothers do you have?” “I have three brothers, Ms. Jessica.”
I love how most of the kids are eager to learn! There are a few who are definitely fooling around and acting up, but they’re kids right? Speaking of the kids, let’s talk about their names! I think I mentioned before that Haitian names are SOOO unique – as I’m starting to remember their names better, some are sticking out:
One of the junior counselors is named “Dieulifet”. Dieu = God, “Li Fet” = He is born.
Love – many girls have some version of “Love” in their name: Evelove, Nilove, Danilove
“Sky” (skee) – many boys have some form of “sky” in their name: Robensky, Stravensky, Tresky

We wrapped things up for the day camp and came back napped before the afternoon session.

Afternoon session was split into age groups, where we split into Robotics with Shaina, Percussion with Jeremy, and a Self Confidence group with Zari and me. Zari was able to give each kid in our group a mini-journal and introduced them to journaling about life and having self confidence and high self-esteem. She also had this awesome Polaroid camera and was able to give each kid a souvenir photo, which they LOVED. These kids love getting their pictures taken, lol. After that, Zara and I decided to walk back to the house – the weather right now is nice and cool. We had electricity for a bit but then it cut off. That’s pretty much the norm, it comes and goes. So know that this post has been completed for a while now. I just haven’t been able to post it.

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