Jessica – Day Eight – July 10

The stomach bug has hit me ): So I’m not 100% today but took some meds, so I’m trekking along.

Today in English the kids took all of the phrases and words they learned this week and practiced full conversations.  It was so fun to watch; they tried so hard.  Many of them are very scared to practice their English.  It took a lot of pushing, but they finally got it.

After lunch today, I wasn’t feeling too well again, so I left and went home to rest.  All the classes were done for the day, so it was an ok time to go.

It’s 3:00pm now and the teachers are getting ready to head down south to Port-au Prince.  They are going to stay for the night and then head to Jacmel on Saturday for a beach day.  From what I hear, Jacmel is a gorgeous spot for beach time and touristy activity.  However, I will not be attending the Jacmel trip. I have family in Mirebalais and Lascahobas, which are on the way to Port-au-Prince, so the crew will drop me off on the way so I can spend the weekend with family.  If I didn’t plan it like this, my parents would throw a hissy fit, lol.  So hoping the rest of the crew enjoys Jacmel and I’m looking forward to meeting my family members.

Also, just an FYI – I have more pictures and videos posted to my Instagram account: msdescartes

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