Jessica – Day Six – July 8, Alumni Night

A is for Apple...
A is for Apple…

A tough night for sleep, but I was ready to go bright and early. As Mr. Gilbert says, if you get at least two hours of sleep in Haiti, you’re good!

In English class, Zari and I led the kids through the alphabet, teaching them sounds for each letter and they were also able to learn a word for each letter. Some of them were able to come up with their own words which was great. We weren’t able to get through the entire alphabet but will wrap it up tomorrow. Then Friday, the kids can work on putting together full sentences with the words and phrases they have learned thus far.

Holy math class, Batman. Mr. Gilbert has these kids learning Pi! Circles and Diameters, Perimeters and Areas. And it’s only Wednesday! The alumni junior counselors led their leadership classes in teaching them new songs and the engineering class went over the cycle on engineering.

Lunch was rice and kalaloo (okra). Then our recreation time which yielded another epic game of soccer and practicing the camp songs. Then we headed home for a quick break before the first alumni night.
Approximately 50 -55 kids ages 10-17 showed up at 4:30 for alumni night. It was a big number and I’m told that it will increase! After reconnecting and explaining how the alumni nights are set, we play several rounds of BINGO, which is definitely a kid favorite. They were so excited to play and even more excited to win. Just watching them play, you could tell this was the highlight of their day. Looking forward to seeing what other events they come up with.

We’re back home now and I hear thunder and see lightening. We’re all hoping that it rains so we can all cool off a bit. The thunder has come a few days now, but no rain yet. It’s a tease…
And it rains! A light drizzle, but rain nonetheless. Jeremy is standing the rain, pretty much doing a praise dance, lol. The breeze outside is so refreshing and so cool that I’m dozing off as we sit outside. Shoot, if it wasn’t for those disrespectful mosquitoes, I’d sleep outside. The electricity eventually comes on again and I can wrap up this post. Overall, long yet productive day.

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