Jessica – Day Two – July 4

Supplies for Camp
Supplies for Camp

Happy Fourth of July, ‘Merica (c:

During the night, the generator was shut off, so no fans.  I woke up around 3am, a bit restless and sweaty.  But it gradually cooled down, and I fell asleep again.

We were up and about around 8am.  After a breakfast of scrambled eggs, bread, bananas and peanut butter, we started prepping for camp. Zari and I stuffed bags with T-shirts and notebooks and clarified the camp schedule.  After a pretty productive morning, our house chef, Monette and her sous chef Rosena, presented our lunch, rice with djon djon, fried chicken, boiled plantains and some of the Fritay from the night before.

After lunch, TonTon Rico picked us up in his SUV and we visited his house, the space that housed the original ETE camp counselors. After that, we people watched and enjoyed the weather.  We met one of our junior counselors for this year, 16 year old Natalie.  She was so happy to see us, sharing stories and telling us of her love for Timberland boots.  She took us on a walk to the park and went to visit a few neighbors.  During this time, the Argentina vs. Chili soccer match was on, so there weren’t too many people walking in the street.  Those who were attending Saturday evening church walked to the church, dressed in their best outfits with their Bibles and Chan D’Esperances in hand.

Following that, we returned back home to find that the electricity was back on.  As the sun set, Jeremy played his guitar and two campers stopped by to visit, Lolo and his sister Love.  We sang songs, played the drums and tambourine and watched the stars come out.  I don’t remember the last time I saw so many stars in one night.  We were so engrossed in looking up to the sky, little Lolo asked in kreyol, “Are there no stars where you guys are from?”

Everyone is so friendly and happy that we are here. It immediately puts smiles on our faces.

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