Jessica – Day Four – July 6

Full group at camp.
Full group at camp.

First day of camp!

When we arrived at the school, all of the kids were waiting for us, dressed in their camp shirts, ready to go.  Mr. Gilbert lined them up and the marched into the big room where we took attendance, gave a quick introduction and then we went downstairs for breakfast, café avec pain, with manba (coffee with bread and peanut butter).

Following that, we split into our color groups, each going to a different class.  Zari and I are teaching the English class so we started with introductions and a memory name game.  Each student had to say his/her name and introduce the students that spoke before him/her.  It was tough! But the kids got it and they were able to remember each other’s names.  Haitian names are SO unique! It’ll definitely take some time to put the names with the faces.  But it was very fun getting to know the kids on the first day. Following that, we asked them what they expected to learn in the class and ETE Camp overall.  Lots of different thoughts came up: “I want to have a conversation in English or I want to be able to translate for non-Haitians”.  Overall, those kids are here and ready to learn!

Throughout the day, the moved from class to class, English, Math, Engineering and a Leadership class taught by camp alumni. The alumni were so ENGAGED, teaching the kids everything they know.  They are the future leaders.  Then we had a lunch of Haitian Spaghetti.  After lunch, was recreation time, where we played “Jack a Di”, which is their version of Simon Says.  What a competition that was! In the end, the green team won all three rounds and they were VERY excited about, lol, already building a sense of camaraderie.   Camp ended at 2pm and we headed back home.

Back home we rested – long day! Dinner was diri blan, sos poi and legume (white rice, bean sauce and mixed veggies).  LoLo and Love came over again and we played several rounds of Dominoes, where Shaina, apparently, is the Dominoes master.

Then our USB for the internet arrived, YAY! And now we can post blogs (c:

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