Jessica – Day Five – July 7

I slept pretty well last night.  The electricity was on all night, so having the fan running helped immensely.  Shaina woke me up and we got ready to go.  Zari didn’t feel too well so she took the day to rest.

As Jeremy wrote, we picked up little Love on the way as she was running because she was super late. As we arrived, a few other students started running as they knew they were late.

We started with our daily stretching then headed down for a breakfast of hot chocolate and bread and peanut butter.

In English class today, we had the kids begin and lead conversations.  At this point, they already know how to say, “my name is _____” so the next step for them was to continue the conversation.

Good morning, my name is Wallesca and you? What is your name?

My name is Shington.

How old are you, Shington?

I am twelve years old. And you?

I am nine years old.

The kids were able to read it and write it and I made sure that they had every word written in their notebooks.  Following that, each student pair had to have a full conversation with me and if they did well, they received a sticker, which they LOVE.

After classes, the wonderful camp cooks prepared

Camp Schedule
Camp Schedule

a lunch of rice and beans with sauce. Then two of the wildest soccer matches I have ever seen! Heads bumping, shoes flying – The ladies of the US Soccer Team need to come play with these ETE Camp girls, wow!!

We got home and Ti-Jack was able to secure WIFI, yes, WIFI, but boy, was it a chore to get it to work! We put it in the house, outside the house, on top of the roof, then with a cover so the rain didn’t affect it, ugh! They fixed it up though, so I could take my online class this evening and it worked pretty well!

Can’t believe we’re already wrapping up day five…

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