How To Get Involved

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Interested in becoming a counselor?

The application for volunteering with ETE Camp 2016 is now closed. View documents below for an overview of information that pertains to the role of a volunteer for this summer and the application.

ETE Camp 2017 Volunteer Counselor Overview

ETE Camp 2017 Volunteer Counselor Application


Interested in making a Donation?

If you wish to send a check (make it out to “ETE Camp”) or cash:
Please mail to 566 Walk Hill St. Boston, MA 02126
or email for more information.

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Your generosity supports:

$5 … supplies arts & craft and basic school supplies (3 pens, 3 pencils, sharpener, 2 notebooks)
$10… gives ETE Camp T-shirts for a youth participant
$20… funds for a week of gas/coal used to cook
$50… provides Entire summer full of meals for an ETE participant
$100… supplies children with clean drinking water for water breaks/meals
$300… cost to send an ETE Camp participant to school in the fall
$500… cost to send a *child worker to BOTH ETE Camp and School in the Fall

*Most ETE Camp youth participants are domestic child laborers who do not attend school regularly

ETE Camp’s Supply Wish List:


– notebooks (single or 3-subject)
– pens, pencils, sharpeners, erasers
– folders, index cards
– scissors, markers, crayons, colored pencils
– literacy teaching materials, early literacy books

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– arts and crafts materials (glue, construction paper, stickers, etc)
– recreational supplies/Toys (Soccer ball, BINGO, Connect Four, twister, jump ropes, etc.)
– paint (paint for a mural / face paint)

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– hand sanitizer
– first-aid materials

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– hygienic supplies for care package (deodorant, shampoo/conditioner, combs, toothpaste, tooth brush, soap, etc.)
– school bags / back packs
– in-kind or new children-sized sneakers / clothes (ages 8-15)

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– in-kind or new laptop
– in-kind or new printer / ink
– mini-school bus

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