Thank you your interest in ETE Camp in Haiti!


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We are… beginning this summer’s adventure with our Haitian leaders & scholars on July 3, 2017… please follow our journey via our blog HERE!



We are… an ETE  2017 Staff of 6 volunteers from the U.S. and 9 native Hinche residents ( please meet the staff HERE!)



We are… hosting engineering, literacy, math, and leaders classes; class projects, parades, soccer tournament, movie nights, ETE alumni roundtable discussion, and traditional graduation ceremony


We are… Garry Gilbert’s Legacy



ETE Camp 2017 …


… 9 Years in Hinche, Haiti!



Did you miss anything??

Please click here to see our annual ETE Camp Bulletin 2016! It features highlights from ETE Camp 2016, Hurricane Matthew Relief Efforts, plans for 2017, as well as honoring the father of ETE Camp … Garry Gilbert.

Yes, indeed… We’re Continuing Garry’s work!


ETE Camp Hurricane Matthew Relief Efforts

to Regions of Southern Haiti

Because of your support and thoughtfulness,

… EVERY MONTH since October 2016 (thus throughout the holidays as well)…

we are able to send 3 shipments filled to the brim with items that the people in Southern Haiti need (clothes/shoes, food, toilettes, first aid supplies). Donated funds pay for the shipment costs (6 containers have been sent and counting) and the donated items are being efficiently distributed and used.

Without a doubt, these efforts are deeply, deeply appreciated. The ETE Camp team are both amazed and encouraged by your generosity!

THANK YOU! And God Bless!

Special Thank You to Viviane and Muriette for the time and commitment it takes to package donations in Boston and distribute in Haiti, respectfully. We thank you!!!


Monetary donations: ETE Camp PayPal Donation Link

Thank you again! And God Bless!