Thank you your interest in ETE Camp in Haiti!

Please note that currently, all online donations made to ETE Camp PayPal will go directly towards our efforts to provide requested, essential items to Hurricane Matthew Relief victims in the southern regions of Haiti.

After our October 22, 2016 shipment of donated items have been sent, beginning in November 2016, online donations will resume going towards Garry Gilbert Memorial Fund and supporting ETE Camp 2017.


ETE Camp Hurricane Matthew Relief Efforts to Regions of Southern Haiti


If you’re in the Boston area and have in-kind donation items, please email etecampinhaiti@gmail.com to arrange the drop off .

Hurricane Matthew Relief — Prioritized Requested Items 

hygienic supplies (soap, toothpaste, etc.)

first aid kit supplies

canned goods (and items such as peanut butter, oatmeal, etc.)

In-kind donations of clothes and shoes


Monetary donations: ETE Camp PayPal Donation Link

Monetary donations will help cover the costs of shipment and purchase of any missing/the lack of a requested item.

We will receive donations for this effort until 11:00am on Friday, October 21st (our shipment is scheduled for October 22nd).

Thank you again! And God Bless!

…Continuing Garry’s work….